Welcome to NUHome!

NUHome – Photograph By Kalman Zabarsky

The NUHome Laboratory is behavioral monitoring assessment and intervention. Located on the 4th floor of Richards Hall at 360 Huntington Avenue, the NUHome Lab is 600 square foot enclosed space architected as a one bedroom apartment with an adjacent computer control room. It is equipped with a full spectrum of sensors, including set of 2D and 3D cameras, passive infrared sensors, contact switches, microphones, etc., that are used to make as accurate assessment of the participants’ actual behaviors during testing the systems to be deployed in a number of studies.

The Consortium opened NUHome in March 2017 as a key feature of Northeastern University’s Healthcare Hackathon, an annual event hosted by the Nursing Innovation program. Since then, it has been featured on the cover of Bouve College’s Vital Signs magazine and most recently on WGBH Greater Boston news. We look forward to sharing this incredible resource with the greater NU community and beyond.