About CTPC

Breakthrough Approaches to Healthcare Delivery

Health outcomes lag far behind U.S. healthcare expenditures. The country also has an aging population, and more people are living with chronic conditions that reduce their well-being and increase overall healthcare costs. The Consortium for Technology for Proactive Care is an effort to address these health challenges and spur new models of care through technology-based health innovations. The desired outcome is twofold:

  • Delivery of timely, appropriate, and cost-effective care outside a hospital setting
  • Support in daily life that changes individual health behaviors inconsistent with wellness

Our Vision

The Consortium brings together a transdisciplinary team of faculty researchers and clinicians that aim to:

  • Provide an infrastructure for data collection, testing protocols, and the rapid development and evaluation of new systems and approaches to healthcare
  • Assess, understand, and provide a quantitative representation of behaviors that have an impact on the cost and outcomes of healthcare
  • Use unobtrusive mobile and wearable sensors to measure, predict, and modify health-related behaviors
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of promising solutions through research
  • Determine economically feasible, technology-based solutions to healthcare delivery that can be implemented on a large scale