The Consortium on Technology for Proactive Care is a collaborative effort by faculty researchers and health clinicians across the globe to develop economically feasible, technology-based solutions to the health and healthcare challenges of today and the future. Based at Northeastern University, the Consortium takes advantage of expertise at research universities and health-related organizations to focus on:

  • Developing a technology infrastructure and testing protocols to support continuity of care outside a hospital setting and promote long-term behavior change
  • Using quantitative approaches to assess, understand, and modify health behaviors
  • Identifying individualized, technology-based interventions that enhance people’s health and quality of life
  • Transforming the health of individuals and the U.S. healthcare system

The Consortium’s goal is to contribute to the rapid development and evaluation of new approaches to healthcare, leading to models of care that are proactive, preventive, and centered on the patient rather than the clinic. The Consortium seeks to leverage technology to give patients, family members, and formal and informal caregivers a more active role in health management, and make a positive impact on both the quality and cost of healthcare.